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BG Servers COVID19 Essential Services Provider

In these uncertain, unstable and fearful times impacting many I'm grateful to our CEO & Father in heaven that BG can be part of the fight against the growing threat that impacts physically, emotionally & spiritually.


BG has it's Essential Goods Permit from the CIPC, a permit to fillful essential services from the CoCT and carries the relevant letters and identification documents for it's staff to do so.


Being a supplier of packaging (Drums, IBC's, Buckets etc) to the manufacturers of the Food, Cleaning & Hygiene and Medical industries we both help the manufacturers have an outlet for their empty packaging once the raw materials are decanted and act as a source of packaging for the companies producing the sanititizers, cleaning agents and various essential food products.


With import sources and local manufacturers of packaging feeling the pressure of the overwhelming demand and Lockdown criteria it once again highlights the very important role the recycling & re-conditioning industries play in the economy.


We recognise the dangers of carrying on business as the threat spreads so have reduced our staff, sent anyone with health issues, compromised immune systems or more elderly home to rest. The safety protocols on site & for our drivers are strict and have been practiced since the threat hit our shores with much time spent on educating staff on PPE,  staying clean, healthy living, commuting between work & home, social distancing at work & home and emergency protocols.


What will unfold up the road we do not know, but will make every effort to be part of the solution, which includes the powerful tool of prayer. Managements goal is to be Salt & Light amonsgt the confusion & panic, sharing the Good News when so much is bad news, being Hope to the hopeless, Peace in the midst of the storm of anxiety & fear, Comfort to those loosing heart, Strength to those whose arms are struggling to stay up and more than anthing being examples of what spiritually grounded on the Rock of Ages amounts too.


May you & your families be "more the  conquers" through this challenging season and come through having learn't & grown, stronger & wiser than ever before.


BG Servers Management