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BG Annual ShutDown

What a year!...A year where we all faced uncertainty on a new level...The term adapt or die took on a whole new meaning.
At BG its time to rest, refresh, strengthen and look to our Savior, Deliverer, Provider & Protector for insight & direction for 2021. We trust that through prayer & praise He will lead us on as He has for close to 26 years. Thankfully He is our Rock, Fortress & firm foundation so regardless of what we understand or not in faith we will enter 2021.
We believe our Saviors return is due & all biblical signs point to it being sooner rather than later so our Hope is that every client, supplier, service provider & competition alike find true salvation as you reflect on 2020 & how vulnerable we as men really are. We encourage you to read the Word of God - Bible, seek him with all your hearts & minds and allow His Spirit of truth to show you where you stand and how to make right.
Thank you for choosing BG in 2020 & may your 2021 be filled with renewed hope, strength & cheer to overcome regardless of what the future holds.