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BG Receives 4 Star Water Rating Certification

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BG has been awarded a 4 out 0f 5 star water rating by the City of Cape Town for it's contribution to saving water & meeting the legal compliances of working with water.

Only 16 companies were invited to the cermony and even receiving one star meant you were fully compliant and was a recognised achievement. The amount of stars thereafter was based on a wide range of water saving critera that was assessed by an indepandant body.

I'm personally gratefully to our CEO and Father in heaven for positioning us to receive such an award as it was not something we pursued but a belief and natural part of our commitment to stewarding our resources as best we can to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. 

Our contact at Pollution Control was the key person who encouraged us to make BG Servers available for certification after seeing our efforts.

Only 4 companies received 5 stars, all of which are multi national, well established names who have resources way beyond that of little BG - Chevron, Old Mutual,  South African Brewary's & Virgin Active.

It was wonderful to learn what saving mechnisms the other companies have put in place & see the commitment by the other companies not to be awarded but to do everything in their power to save as many drops as possible.