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Grey Water / Rain water Harvesting - Pumps & Accessories

Click on the various Pictures to expand & get descriptions:-

Pic 1] Flobin Lids - 150mm & 225mm

Pic 2] Non Return Valves with In-line Filter - 20mm & 25mm - Ensures water only runs one way and can't back feed out of system.

Pic 3] Filter Bag / Sock - 300 micron - To filter incoming grey water / rain water from tank or pump.

Pic 4] Flobin Butterfly Valve / Tap 50mm - Replacement for broken or damaged valves / taps.

Pic 5] Flobin Adaptors - 50mm standard type - Coarse to fine / metric & 50mm Camlock type - Both allow standard 50mm metric fittings, reducers, piping etc to be used.

Pic 6] Flobin Adaptors - Standard 50mm to 50mm metric  & 90mm to 50mm metric 

Pic 7]  Pressure Controllers / Switches - Adjustable (Orange) & Non - Adjustable (Black) - Used to automatically have liquids pumped from holding drum / tank to toilet cisterns, taps, garden spray gun etc. Switches"ON" when pressure is reduced in system (Cistern empties and ball valve opens to allow water flow or tap turned ON for water to flow) and "OFF" when system repressurises (Cistern Ball valve stops water flow or tap turned off) Adjustable unit you can change the pressure settings.

Pic 8] Enviromentally friendly  / Bio products - washing powder & general cleaning agents - Great when using grey water systems that pump onto your lawns, gardens & plants as 100% safe.

Pic 9, 10, 11] Examples of pumps, in & out let fittings, pressure controllers & an example of how sytems can be connected.

12] The range of Adaptors, reducers & nipples.

13] Various reducing bushes & associated nipples - 40mm to 25mm or 20mm - Gardena type nipple, elbow & straight type nipples - Threaded & unthreaded for various applications.

14] Water treatment Agents / Biocide - For treating against algae & waterborn bacteria so water safe for drinking & storing.

15] Water Treatment & Enviromentally friendly products.