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New 1000L Rainwater Tanks vs 2nd Hand Flobins

New 1000L Rainwater Tank (1.1m D x 1.4m H) 

* See pics above - Granite round container. Click on to enlarge.

* Great for storing water in one place. 

* Only 1.4m high so ideal for Estates / Complex's where walls are lower and their are restrictions on tank heights.

* Only needs 1.1m floor space so ideal for where space is a challenge.

* 5 year warranty & UV stable.

* Current Price: R1900.00 VAT Inclusive

* Stock Availability - In stock

2nd Hand 1000L Flobin / IBC / Tote / Mini-bulk (1.2m L x 1m x 1.2m H)

* See pics above for sample - White Square container & fittings. Click on to enlarge.

* Available in food garde, chemical grade.

* Can be transported from place to place as it has it's own base.

* Not UV treated so if kept in the sunlight needs to be painted.

* Can be stacked on top of one another.

* Complete with ball valve at the bottom.

* Sold Voets Toets

* Current Price: R862.50 - R1610.00 VAT Inclusive Price dependant on condition, pallet type, valve type etc

* Stock Available