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210L - 250L Blopak Conversion to Open Top



Due to the large demand for grey water & rain water storage and a great shortage of open top with lid & clamp or open top with big screw on lids we are suggesting clients use a blopak conversion. 


Once the head of the drum is cut off we invert the head and the inner ridge of the the head fits over the cutting line of the drum forming a dust cover that is fairly stable and wont easily slide off due to the drum edge fitting into the inner ridge of the head. (See pics 1 & 4 -left to right)


The drums are available in a A Class & B Class.


The A Class (Pic. 1,3 & (5 & below - Last blue drum on the right)) costs R350.00 (Drum only) & R17.10 to cut the head off .


The B Class (Pic. 2, 4 & (5, below - Orange/blue drum & Green drum the left of Blue Drum)) cost R250.00 including the head cut off.


All prices include VAT.