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Massive Demand for 1000L's & BG's Approach

1000L IBC's / Flobins / Totes have become HOT property and it's no longer a case of what they cost but whether you can find them. Unfortunately we are turning away 10-20 potential clients daily. 

PLEASE NOTE below how we have chosen to manage the demand.


1] We have chosen to give our long standing industrial clients preference and any excess stock is released to the public.


2]  At 9:00 daily our lines are open to enquire what is available. (Please call - DONT JUST ARRIVE as those calling in are given 1st option as they have generally called a few times before.)


3] The 1st callers who accept what we have available have their names written on the flobins & have till the end of the day to have paid. Any not paid in full are allocated to the pool for the next day and sold to new callers. Once paid we encourage collection as soon as possible which reduces the risk of us unintentionally selling them to someone else.


4] History reflects that depending on how many come available, all are sold within 10 to 60 mins of 1st caller.


Perseverance & patience are the order of the day as we can't determine how many will be available (if any) daily, what the exact prices will be as they are based on what they cost us & what condition or grade the flobins will be. 


We apologise for the inconvenience and trust if we can't help you you come right elsewhere.